Brice Cohey Consulting

Minimizing your INPUT;
Maximizing your OUTPUT

We develop Databases to assist businesses of all sizes in managing, organizing and retrieving information.

Databases developed using:

  • Microsoft© Access, 
  • Visual Basic, 
  • C#,
  • .Net,
  • SQL Server, 
  • mySQL,
  • php

Assist with Database Integration with:

  • QuickBooks®
  • Peachtree®
  • Great Plains, Microsoft© Great Plains and Microsoft© Dynamics GP
  • UPS Worldship®
  • Crystal Reports®

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from customized, well-designed databases. Brice Cohey can assist you in:

  • Creating an entire database from scratch
  • Upgrade your current database to work with new software or adjust to new systems or requirements of your business
  • Troubleshoot your current system or database customizing it to fit your needs.

What is a Database?

Image of laptop filled with papers

A structured collection of records or information stored on a computer and organized in one of the following methods:

  • relational model – relationships between information are based on a common item or sets of commonalities
  • hierarchical model – data is organized in a tree-like structure of parent/child relationships. Each parent can have multiple children but each child can only have one parent.
Man studying computer screen

Who needs a Database?

Databases are the preferred method of storage and organization for large volumes of information where coordination and access is required between many users. Individual users benefit from the convenience of databases through applications such as e-mail programs and personal organizers.